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Amber Jones, a former bridal makeup artist, has juggled an unorthodox career path on the way to being the promising jewelry designer behind Purple Paparazzi. Relying on a strong, intuitive style sense, Amber hit the ground running with bold and flamboyant flair. Soon she was hand delivering pieces from her collection to grateful clients and booking private trunk shows. Jones redesigned her life to accommodate her new passion despite being untrained in jewelry making. The vision behind Purple Paparazzi is simple: Let the jewelry speak for itself. Ranging in style from casual every day, to absolute showstoppers, Purple Paparazzi has become a favorite to local DC Metropolitan socialites. From the designing to the completion of each piece, Jones takes pride in the complete hand-made process. Today, the gem-loving designer focuses full-time on sourcing the most amazing stones for her creations and creating them into memorable designs.

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